Sunday, September 23, 2007

Probable and Potential Candidates for Michigan's 9th District

The incumbent, Joe Knollenberg has already announced his candidacy for reelection and now he has a campaign website and a blog. I've lived in this District for a long time and I've gotten more mailings from Knollenberg in the last 6 months than I have in the last 12 years. He must be nervous.

Last year, a moderate Republican woman, Pan Godchaux, ran against Knollenberg in the primary. She seemed like a good candidate, but couldn't beat Knollenberg in the primary. I have not been able to find any information suggesting that she is running this year. That is too bad. She seems to be the ideal candidate -- smart, independent, not afraid to stand up to her own party, well connected in the community, etc. We need more candidates like her.

The only candidate that seems to have announced for 2008 is Gary Peters. He made an announcement in August and has filed with the FEC. The 2006 Democrat candidate was Nancy Skinner. I see a lot of references online to her intent to run, but I cannot find an official announcement. She does have a campaign committee listed with the FEC, but it seems to be the same committee she had for the 2006 election.

There were 3 other candidates that ran in 2006 but dropped out before the Democrat primary. Frank Cona was a history teacher who ran and dropped out. There is no indication that he plans to run again.

John Ashcraft ran and seemed to be a better candidate than Skinner in 2006. He certainly fit the district better with his auto experience and the fact that he has lived in the area. (Skinner was often characterized, fairly or not, as a carpetbagger since she moved from Illinois to Michigan to run.) But he dropped out and there is no indication that he intends to run again.

Rhonda Ross also ran but dropped out in 2006. There are rumors online that she is running again. Her website indicates it is under construction and that it was last updated in 2007 so that seems to be a pretty good indication that she is running. I hope she runs. She seems to have good credentials.


Bradley said...

Pan Godchaux has actually endorsed Gary Peters.

CraftyJ said...

Nancy Skinner is indeed running (check her Web site) as a Democrat in the 9th district. Albeit, without the support of the Dems who strangely have decided to support Gary Peters (though Nancy only lost to Knollenberg by 4% with very little funding in 2006 compared to past candidates losses of 20%). Though Knollenberg accused her of "carpetbagging," Nancy grew up in Royal Oak and spent over 20 years here. I hope people give her a chance and think/vote independently She is not another weak Democrat who waits to see which way the tide is flowing before taking a stance.