Monday, September 24, 2007

Is Gary Peters a "Republican Lite"?

There was a heated debate on yesterday. A poster said that the netroots was jumping on board the Peters campaign just because he was the candidate that has been anointed by the Democratic Party -- but that he is not a true progressive candidate. That instead his

I sent an email to the poster -- but he said he wrongly identified by DHinMI and then after he identified DHinMI as Dana Houle, former Chief of Staff to NH Congressman Hobes, DHinMI banned the poster from DailyKos!

The poster, netrootsprogressive, said that DHinMI/DanaHoule was in a particularly foul mood since he had recently been fired from his job as Chief of Staff to Hobes. Apparently there was some scandal and Houle advised Hobes not to endorse a man who happened to be gay for the position of Director of the NH Democratic party. There is an article here: and another one at

Basically, it sounds like DHinMI/Houle is a complete wack job. And he strongly supports Gary Peters. That is the kind of support Peters can do without.

Anyway the original poster claimed that Peters website contains such bland positions that they could easily be interchanged with those of a Republican. Seems like that should be problem in a Democratic primary. But as the poster notes, Peters has the support of the Democratic powers that be and the money that goes along with that.

Frankly, reading that post and seeing the party establshment line up so tightly behind Peters is reason enough for me to not want to support him. He is already indebted to the Party and that means he will do as he is told instead of doing the right thing. That is not leadership. That is sheepdip.

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